The stained glass panels are installed with chain, trim or moulding, based on client's preferred aesthetic.  Stylized chain was used for this installation to maintain the clean lines of the artwork.

Using the full scale design as a guide, glass and lead are cut to size and pieced together starting in one corner of the panel and moving outward.  Multiple cutting styles are used, as some cuts are free form and others are uniform.  A grinder is used to smooth edges of free form cuts so that the fit of the glass into the lead is perfect.

WE ARE PROUD TO DISPLAY IMAGES OF OUR PAST COMMISSIONS ON OUR WEBSITE ALONG WITH a step by step description of our custom commission process below.

Design concepts and color choices are sketched out and approved by client. The designs are then drawn to half scale, scanned and blown up to full working size.  

After first meeting with our client, she shared with us cross stitch panels she had made based off of Frank Lloyd Wright's Coonley Playhouse.  She wanted an original interpretation of the Coonley Playhouse windows from Masterpiece Glass to be installed in her stairway , for both privacy and for artistic value.

  • Stained glass is installed with  trim, moulding, or chain
  • Signed copies of original pattern designs delivered

  • Final settlement of contract upon customer satisfaction

step 5

Enjoy your new view!

​step 4

Delivery and installation

  • Thorough research and selection of glass and lead to be used

  • Cutting and fitting of glass and lead into the pattern

  • Soldering lead channels, application of patina, and polishing the finished panels

​step 3

Building your vision 

​step 2


  • Design needs and project scope discussion

  • Production calendar established and deadlines set

  • Finalized design rendering with color palette presented to client

  • Price of the artwork is established and contract is approved

  • Initial phone and email project discussion

  • In person home/office visit

  • Determining exact measurements 

  • Preliminary price estimate

​step 1

Free consultation

Stained Glass installed in a home adds value, provides privacy, and is a colorful artistic centerpiece that lasts forever.  

​Custom commissions