Red Fleur-de-lis


Inspiration to convey imagery of alternate galaxies that exist led to this amazing stained glass panel created by Jacob Slater.  A combination of multiple diagonal strips of textured glass in three different colors catches the shifting daylight and shows the nebulas floating in orion's constellation.   19"wx24"h

INSPIRed by Frank Lloyd wright, this circular window panel dazzles when natural light comes through, spreading color throughout the room.  incorporating white opaque and hammered clear stained glass as negative space amplifies the bright transparent colors of the rest of the glass.   26" diameter

a CLASSIC european LOOK is evoked from this stained glass panel by the combination of the fleur-de-lis, glass selection and incorporation of the copper foil method.  The seemingly clear glass background is GNA architectural glass, which refracts the light, providing privacy from the panel.



Flowing and undulating blue baroque glass creates a soothing vibe in any room.  the glass has been cut into a subway pattern and carefully pieced together in order to keep the flow and pattern of the glass intact.  42"w x 16"h





4 seasons

This geometric piece represents energy in motion...emanating outward, slicing through diagonally, and flowing vertically underneath.  A complex design with bold, eye catching color, and multiple styles of glass, 4 seasons engages the viewer immediately by drawing the eye in multiple directions at the same time.​                                                                                                      19"WX24"H


stained glass panels