Stunning  cabinet panels depicting a Texas hill country landscape.  30" by 11" each panel


This ornate mirror has opposing roses that give it a traditional look.

​Measures 26" by 16"


Modern and elegant in it's simplicity, this mirror is a great accent piece in any home.

16" by 19"


With a contemporary style, this mirror is sure to draw the eye!

19" by 30"


These lamps are constructed with high quality lead and reinforced  with ⅜"steel, they are definitely built to stand the test of time!

 Ask about custom color combinations, and we can make one just for you!

12" tall by 4"wide


Decorative Fleur de Lis can make any home stand out.

​12" by 16"

This unique hanging panel is like nothing you've ever seen! Strips of color seem to hang in mid air.   36" tall by 17" wide.

Mosaic wall art and home goods, hanging stained glass panels, colorful lamps, sun catchers and much, much more can be found here.


These beautiful lamps stand out as artwork even when not lit...

Perfect for accent lighting atop vanities, dressers, and tabletops.


Three Dimensional Art

Stained Glass

Mosaic Wall Art



Simple yet colorful, this panel is perfect for any home that could use a splash of color.

12" by 16"


Modern eye catching design that shimmers in the light.

12" by 16"

​​This unique geometric stained glass panel was designed to brighten any room it is hung in.  Measures 18" by 24" .

​​This stunning panel depicts a cosmic scene from...somewhere out there. Measures 20" wide by 25" tall, the perfect size to hang in most standard windows.



Michelle McDaniel   Jacob Slater

Serving Ware


Window panels





Large Fleur de Lis hanging panel.

24" tall 27" wide


Crescent moon hanging panel.

17" diameter



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Beautiful and eye catching mirrors will keep your eye returning time after time... you may even look at yourself every once in a while!

Hanging panels

We have stunning hanging window panels priced to sell in our studio as well as vivid imaginations to create anything that you can dream up!

Please visit Madison Cabinets in Leander, TX to view our beautiful cabinet panels on display in their showroom!