This old window sash has been transformed using the glass on glass mosaic method.  Each circle was an EXPERIMENT using a different style of cutting and laying the glass down.  thousands of pieces of glass were cut and glued to the original panes of glass that came in the original window.  Transparent glass, mirrored glass, opaque glass, iridized glass, and glass beads make this piece stand out.                                                                       35"h x 34 ½"w

The Experiment

Thousands of hand cut and shaped pieces of stained glass are used for "Pulse", an original design to capture the pulsating energy around us.  Opaque and iridized glass is used in this piece, allowing for the colors to pop out whether lit from behind with the sun or from inside in the evenings.                                                                         35"H X 34 ½"W

 Mosaic windows