Austin's unique landscape inspired these Hill Country home owners to commission an entryway that would naturally bring the outdoors in.  They wanted this entryway to reflect their community, and be inviting to guests that they entertain regularly, allowing the beauty of the Texas Hill Country to blend seamlessly into the interior of the home. Masterpiece Glass worked with the client on concept and design and drew this original pattern by hand.

Art deco inspired entryway

Two matching panels measuring 18"w x 60"h

14"H x 17"L

Classic Shasta Cutie Camper

Sister on the Fly #1891

Modern Stained Glass Lamp

Bright Beaded Vase

Measures 17 ½"w x 17 ½" h

Each door measures 30"w x 84"h

13' diameter

Recently purchased by a client in New York, this mosaic offers a stunning dove in flight carrying a white rose and a red heart.  The white rose signifies spirituality and faith, the open and wide-spread wings of the dove represent hope, and the heart signifies love.  May this art help spread these three things that our society so desperately needs right now.

Mosaic Bottles & Dispensers

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Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stairwell panels

Three individual panels measuring 20"x30" each

The same client also requested that an ornament be made to capture his 4 year old's handwriting achievement of name spelling - order of letters not important!  We hand engraved a copy of her handwriting onto a piece of frosted architectural glass, and then framed it with gorgeous iridescent stained glass.  A memory to keep forever!

8"H x 12"L

A client wanted to decorate her child's playhouse with a personal touch...a dove holding a heart and rays of light and sun shining through the window could not have been a more perfect touch!   The specific imagery was chosen to represent love, light and family, and the colors were chosen to match the decor of the playhouse, designed personally by mom!

Airstream Cutie Camper 

6"h x 4"w

Personalized Christmas ornaments

A client visited us in San Antonio at a show and had her eye on this plate the entire time...after explaining the process of how it was made she decided it had to be hers!  She can use this as a display on a shelf, wall or table top - she can serve guests as well!  This was sealed with 30 year waterproof sealant!

"Hold On" religious window panel

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"The Voyage"

"Faith, Hope, Love"

Inspired by the ocean's sea turtles, this piece features the calm yet determined sea turtle on it's "voyage" in the ocean.  Swimming through currents and never veering off course, this art spoke to someone recently about her own voyage at an arts show in Wimberley, TX, and she proudly took it home to hang on her wall in her home.

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired wine cellar door

Stained Glass

​​"Light Simplicity" Colorado entryway

Three individual panels measuring 8"w x 35"h each

We love Frank Lloyd Wright's style, and our clients do as well!  Our client had seen our work at the Spring Pecan Street Festival in Austin, and tracked us down at the Fall show later that year!  They loved our previous FLW inspired work, and wanted something modern for their new home and lovely wine cellar.  They were thrilled with the final result!

10" diameter

Art Deco themed home office

20"w x 30"h

17" L x 8"W x 1.5"D

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Swirling Earth Mosaic Plate


We met our client at a craft show in San Antonio when they purchased a large stained glass panel; as they were looking at our booth, they kept coming back to the lamps that we have on display.   They inquired if we could make a custom lamp for them to which I replied, "Of course!".  Their son had recently redesigned his bedroom, and for a birthday present they wanted to give him a modern lamp for his bedside.   They loved the result of opaque white glass, grey streaky glass and solid opaque black stained glass!

3.5" diameter

Cutie Camper Collection

Garden Themed Serving Platter

We worked with a local interior designer to create these stunning french doors and room divider for a busy mom of two boys in the Austin area.  Our client needed her own "Mom cave", a place where she could close herself off, when needed, to focus on work and to be able to kick her feet up and have a little quiet time.  Original design,  gorgeous, carefully selected glass and pain staking detail of build helped create this magical retreat in a busy home.

Red Chair Workroom approached Masterpiece Glass regarding the design and installation of stained glass panels for two african mahogany doors that were to be displayed in their showroom.  This design was created with overlapping circles using multiple types of art glass, including clear hammered glass, streaky baroque, red iridized glass and more.  Masterpiece Glass refinished the doors, installed the glass and mounted them in a display stand.  The doors are currently on display in Red Chair Workroom.  You can visit their website to view their services.

10"w x 6"h x 3"d

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One liter bottle, 12"h x 6"w x 3"d

The owner of this home had two large clear window panels on either side of her intricately carved double entrance doors and wanted them to stand out. Masterpiece Glass created unique and complimentary side lights by incorporating part of the design of the door into the stained glass panels.  These panels were mounted with chain so that she could take them with her when she moved, however the new buyers insisted that the panels remain with the house upon closing.

A bright and cheerful vase for any room, this vase incorporated bright iridescent glass beads and a purple grout for eye-popping color.

Our client attends an annual religious retreat each year and had a photo of a very personal image to her and she wanted it in stained glass. Jacob translated the piece with his amazing artistic sense of colors and layout and with the creative use of vinyl lettering - another "Masterpiece" from Masterpiece Glass!

Clients in eclectic South Austin live on a street with a lot of foot traffic and wanted privacy, but still incoming daylight, from the windows on either side of their front door.  They requested bright colors and Masterpiece Glass created the perfect symmetrical geometric pattern for a great modern look in an older home.

Bright geometric side lights

Two symmetric panels measuring 9"w x 31"h

Greenbelt Inspired Nursery Stained Glass Panels

The view from this home's entryway had been completely masked by frosted and textured glass and the client's were seeking a design that would allow them to see through their front entry.  Masterpiece Glass created this elegant and tasteful design that combines a colorful art glass border with clear architectural glass and allows the natural beauty of Colorado into their home.

Every mosaic bottle that we make is unique in design and construction.  All glass is cut by hand and glued onto each bottle with meticulous care.  The designs are original and are never replicated. The grout color for each bottle is colored by hand and carefully applied.  All bottles are sealed with 20 year waterproof sealant.

Tallahassee, Florida

Stained Glass  -  Mosaics


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A client had wanted a hanging mosaic replica made of her recently renovated 1958 Shasta Airflyte  to display at member gatherings, such as Sisters on the Fly.  We matched the color of camper perfectly, and even created a glass rod awning that stands out from the mosaic.

Rainbow swirl plate

12"h x 4"w

Display doors for Red Chair Workroom

Our client reached out to us to create beautiful stained glass panels for her brand new baby's nursery.  She had several concepts that she came to us with, and we were able to create a design that she loves!  She wanted to be able to remove the panels to be able to clean the windows, so we mounted the stained glass panels with hooks to the top of the window frame.  Mounting the panels in this way also ensures her ability to take them with her should they ever move.  We certainly hope that little "Vincent" loves his new room and stained glass panels that Mom had designed just for him!

A client wanted to give his mother an original gift for her birthday and after perusing our studio decided that this plate, with it's flowing design and color palette would be perfect for her home.  She now has Austin inspired art in her home in Seattle!

A customer who had already purchased one bottle from our Etsy shop contacted me directly regarding a custom built bottle for her daughter's birthday.  She wanted a wider bottle that was super colorful with whimsical accents.  Choosing over 25 colors of glass, textured, transparent, iridized, and opaque was easy, as we have an extensive collection of scrap glass from all of our other commissions.  Choosing the right glass beads to help the glass transition was fun!

Our client found us on Facebook and told us that he  always look for, or commissions, Christmas ornaments to mark major milestones of the previous year and, unfortunately, this year has been his wife's fight against cancer. He sent us an image of the sticker where they aim the radiation machine towards her cancer. THANKFULLY she is winning the battle and he wanted to celebrate that.  He told us that he looked around and found that there are a lot of pre-made ribbon-shaped ornaments already, but honestly  that they felt a bit cliche and less personal. The image of the radiation sticker has been more meaningful to his family as a symbol of victory to our family than anything else.  We were deeply honored to have been selected to create a meaningful ornament to mark such an important year for this family.  

A client was seeking an original and unique birthday gift for a friend. The friend had just recently purchased a modern Airstream camper and was camping nearly every weekend. Our client decided a Cutie Camper would be the way to go, and we agree!  

18"w x 60"h

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8" h x 12" diameter

Our client wanted privacy from her next door neighbors in her new home, but did not want to hang curtains over her windows blocking the sunlight.  We came up with a great solution to incorporate some of her favorite Frank Lloyd Wright images with stained glass to allow the light and color to flood through the windows, while providing privacy at the same time. These original designs were drawn by Masterpiece Glass and were inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Coonley Playhouse.


Inspired by the passing of a beloved family member who was an avid photographer of nature, this platter sold recently at an arts show in Wimberley, TX.  A whimsical garden, complete with fantasy flowers and glass bead lady bugs supervising, this platter was sealed with 30 year waterproof sealant.  Gorgeous for display or for special meals, this elegant platter found a wonderful home.

Dove of Love Stained Glass window panel

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Custom Commissioned Rainbow Mosaic Bottle

Measures 16"w x 7" h

Austin "Greenbelt" inspired entryway

Two panels measuring 17"w x 53"h each